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e-Cigarette Comparison

How much are electronic cigarettes?

One of the first goals to achieve when researching e-cigs is to answer the question of how much do electronic cigarettes cost. The following e-cigarette comparison chart is designed to be helpful in reviewing the main features of ten of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes. The chart endeavors to compare electronic cigarettes based on the cost of a starter kit, what the starter kit contains, and the cost of refill cartridges for the various brands, as well as other factors of interest. When reviewing please understand that one refill cartridge is about the equivalent of one to about one and a half packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes (in the range of 15 to 30 cigarettes.)

Side by Side Comparison of e-Cigarette Brands

The chart is set up emphasizing the price of a starter kit for each brand displayed. However please take into consideration the differences in the cost of refills between one brand and another, as the refill price may in reality give a better reflection of the long-term cost, regardless of starter kit cost.

Prices are set by the manufacturer and they do change periodically, so prices shown in the chart may have changed since the last update of the chart.

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smoketip electronic cigarettes   Pure electronic cigarettes
Vapor Couture e cigarette Vantage Vapor e cigs

**Manufacturer prices and product features are subject to change without notice.


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